The journey begins...


A 2D, action platformer game with a Play & Earn twist. Inspired by games such as Metroid, Castlevania, Zelda, Pixtalgia aims to create an ecosystem/metaverse of games with blockchain and NFT features, inspired from the retro pixel-art aesthetic but with up-to-date innovation, staying focused on the fun, fast, vintage console style gameplay. Pixtalgia will allow players to enjoy the game for free and even without owning a crypto wallet, while giving more invested players the possibility to have access to a broader range of possibilities – while they’ll still need to watch out from skilled free players that own no NFTs..



There are many safe cities in the world of Pixtalgia filled with shops, homes and clubs where you can buy items, check artists collections, socialize and more. You will be safe from monsters and hazards in the cities.

Dangerous Intersections

While travelling Pixtalgia’s overworld from city to city, you will find the Dangerous Intersections, where Monster Players and AI Monsters will spawn.

Dungeons (Instances)

While exploring the darkest corners of Pixtalgia, you might find entrances to dungeons. They might or might not be available to enter all the time, and you will most likely find strong bosses which guard precious treasure.

The Subway

The Subway will allow players to travel safely from town to town, avoiding all hazards and enjoying a chill, social Pixtalgia experience. But watch out, don’t venture in too deep: you might find hidden dangers if you do! The Sewers You can’t make a NES inspired retrogame without paying an homage to the obligatory sewer level. So be prepared to get your boots dirty.NFT

Pixtalgia & The Wax Community

The whole game universe’s lore is inspired by the WAX community and its many creators! We love to collaborate and we take a lot of inspiration from the community and the crypto movement.
If you’re familiar with the #WAXFAM, you might see quite a few familiar faces.

We plan on creating a WAX Pool with a share of Pixtalgia revenues to buy back NFT drops from WAX creator that players will be able to earn completing quests in-game and add a key button that will show you artists links when near a billboard or a poster from an NFT project.