Pixtalgia – a blockchain retrogaming project

Thank You For Buying a Custom NPC Token - Reedemable for the creation Of A Custom NPC Placed Inside Pixtalgia Game. 

Contact Pixtalgia team on Twitter, Discord (WenMoonSer) or Telegram (Pier)
Send Your Token To Wallet: Pixtalgiawax With The Contact Info Related To Your Telegram Account (Or Twitter – Discord Or Whatever You Will Use To Reach Us) In The Memo.

We Will Try To Design Your Desider Character Together. The Character Will Be In The Game, Have Custom Dialogues Of Your Choice And A Simple Sidequest With A Theme We Will Create Together. 
If you purchased the Advanced NPC Token, we will also create a NFT Vignette for your custom character.

 – Common Sense Applies. We’ll Work Together With You To Create A Character In The Style Of Pixtalgia. The Character Will Be In Pixtalgia Artstyle And Size. Our Game’s Artstyle Is Very Basic And Based On Very Few Pixels. Please Make Sure You Like Our Artstyle Before Buying This Token! 
 There Are Not Many Facial Traits That Can Be Inserted In Our Characters. Hairstyles, And A Few Other Traits Will Help Make Your Character Stand Out, But We Cannot Go For Photorealism! Please Keep This In Mind, Characters Might Look Very Similar And Plain Otherwise. We Can’t Go For Facial Features. 
– Dialogues: You Can Choose Dialogue Lines. We’ll Need To Approve Them. No Bad/Hate Words. 

 – No Refunds. Please Keep This In Mind Before Purchasing: We’ll Try Our Best To Make You Happy And Try To Spend All The Time Needed, Together, To Make The Best Out Of Your Character, And Try As Many Attemps As Needed But We Can’t Guarantee You Will Like The Result. If We Can’t Manage To Create Something You Like, We’ll Make More Attempts, But If You Really Cannot Like Our Designs, You’ll Have To Resort To Trying Selling The Token On Secondary Market 

 – Timing: We’ll Try To Have Your Character Done And Insert Him/Her In The Game As Fast As Possible, But Please Remember We Are A Very Small Team Taking Care Of A Lot Of Stuff, Also Updating A New Version Of The Game Online Can Take Same Time. – Updates: You Can Ask Us To Update The Dialogues And Some Little Edits Reaching Us On Discord Or Telegram In Later Times.