Pixtalgia – a blockchain retrogaming project

Welcome to A World of Collectible Gaming

NFTs are the core of Pixtalgia experience. Collect, trade, earn NFTs while playing! 

Every NFT is limited, own a part of Pixtalgia history and use your NFTs inside the game!

NFTs from the “Promo” Schema are mainly collectibles.

They can be staked for WAX in Waxdao farm.
But don’t understimate them! The upcoming Collector Power
will give to the owners in-game bonuses as well!

The original game Serie! Made of 100 Different NFT templates, includes Avatars, Weapons, Equipment, with rarities ranging from Abundant to Ultra Rare…everything you need to embark on a Pixtalgia Adventure!


Season Zero is now concluded.

Season Zero: Director’s Cut is the follow up of Season Zero serie – more characters and exclusive weapons! Season Zero: DC also has 100 Different templates.

Season Zero: DC is now concluded.

Season Zero: Extendend brings even more new characters and weapons.

Season Zero: EX is still ongoing.


Your ideas can be a part of the Pixtalgia universe!

With Custom tokens, you can ask for your idea or character to be incorporated into Pixtalgia!

Everybody loves unpacking some Pixel goodness!
These special releases are the best way to get some rare NFTs.